A dramatic relationship-filled episode, and it was so perfectly handled on all fronts that I can't resist an Everwood "couples" catch-up.
Andy-Nina-Jake: To resolve the lingering resentment caused by Andy kissing Dr. Dimples' girlfriend, the two reluctantly agree to see a counselor. But their session together really brought to light the fact that Jake wasn't only jealous of Andy's friendship with Nina but really of Andy's whole career and life. And Andy thinks Jake's got it pretty good. I think these huge issues are far from resolved, especially since there was no big group hug or anything, but maybe, just maybe, Jake will wave to Andy on the way to the next bake sale.
Amy-Reid: Boys are confusing, especially when they send mixed signals and when you are used to a guy like Ephram, who is never really shy about expressing his emotions. So of course Amy's baffled by the cute doctor-in-training (are there any other professions in this town?), who runs hot and cold. Thankfully, she invoked a bit of modern-woman assertiveness and asked him what the deal was. Let's just hope he doesn't keep her sitting in the waiting room too long.
Amy-Ephram: If things with Reid don't pan out, Ephram's not so patiently waiting in the wings to reclaim the love of his life. But I am thrilled that the pretty blonde didn't just fall back into his wishy-washy arms. Sure I'm secretly hoping these two make it in the long run, but for the short-term it is nice to see her flirt with someone else, and it only makes Ephram realize more of what he's missing out on.
Bright-Hannah: Still love them! Too cute, and if she can suffer through his pigsty place, she really is the best thing that ever happened to him.
Ephram-Kyle: Nothing like looking at a moody teenager and seeing yourself reflected in those piano keys. I think that while Kyle is getting free lessons and some advice on what to do and what not to do to get into Julliard, Ephram's benefiting more. A fact I think he just started picking up on. I was annoyed by Kyle at first, but now I'm hoping for more of this oddly entertaining duo as the season progresses.
Harold-Rose: I saved the best for last. Sure Harold can be annoying, but he married Rose, who has the patience of a saint plus a backbone  truly a dangerous combination. But the good doctor also has a heart of gold underneath that gruff exterior, and when he decided not to rush her into the workforce and to take her to Africa, aww... sniff, sniff... it was truly a touching moment.