Drake returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend, his second time pulling double duty as both musical guest and host.

Drake's appearance was a bit hot and cold, as his sketches hit moments of awesomeness followed by moments of 'meh' — but one major highlight was when he created hilariously hype diss tracks for every member of the cast.

But first, the Canadian rapper-singer-actor — now sans beard — faux confronted Jay Pharoah about the comedian's Drake impersonation during Weekend Update.

As mentioned, SNL had some fun toying with Drake's much-hyped feud with Meek Mill in Drake's Beef. In the sketch, Drake created a diss track every time a member of the show slighted him--even dropping a fire one for Lorne Michaels.

Black Jeopardy found Drake playing Jared, a Canadian contestant who's trying to remain upbeat while host Kenan Thompson mocks his accent and pronunciations.

Our favorite moments however dug into what Drake does best: killing it on stage. His performances of "Hype" and "Once Dance" included slick light shows, Drake's lovably corny dad dancing, girls doing moves straight from a Jamaican dancehall and, for some randomly likable reason, Chris Rock.

What did you think of Drake's performance? Should he pull a threepeat?