RuPaul’s Drag U RuPaul’s Drag U

Forget the plucked eyebrows and tucked candies. We can all learn something from RuPaul's Drag U.

Kicking off its second season last night, the crazy campy confection from the cross-dressing queen of workin' it — hailed as a lesson in helping "biological women unleash their inner diva" — does more to promote acceptance than a Pride month-long marathon of "very special" Glee episodes.

By focusing on a trio of desperately unhappy housewives, Drag's opener pulled out all the stops to teach the contestants that they deserved to not just be loved, but to also love themselves. Makeovers, pep talks and emotional letters from loved ones all gave the proceedings a positive lift, and the encouragement the ladies received from their drag Obi-Wans, as well as the always upbeat Ru, were a breath of fresh fabulous in a reality world known for bitchiness, backstabbing and brutal judgment. And while there is the competition component, the smiles on all three of the contestants' faces during their final runway walks made it clear that winning wasn't as important as losing their self-loathing and allowing themselves to be a little more fierce.

And to that we say, "can we get an amen up in here?!"

Did you check out Drag U? What do you think of Ru's lessons for unleashing your diva?

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