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Someone give PBS a hug.

The network is in danger of losing its biggest show, British import Downton Abbey, sooner than it would like if rumors out of the UK are true. The show's creator Julian Fellowes might leave his series following the yet-to-be-announced sixth season, The Radio Times reports.

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Fellowes signed a deal with NBC Universal in late 2012 to develop The Gilded Age, a period piece chronicling the rich and powerful in 1880s New York, for NBC. But progress on the series has been halted at least partly due to Fellowes' commitment to Downton.

The Radio Times cites sources inside NBC Universal as saying that Fellowes might conclude Downton's run in order to get started on The Gilded Age. For his part, Fellowes has previously stated that Season 6 could be the final season of Downton Abbey, lending some credence to the rumors.

What do you think of this news? Do you think Downton should end after Season 6?

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