Rumors have been swirling for months that Downton Abbey's upcoming season would be its last. According to TV Line, multiple sources have now confirmed the period drama will end after Season 6, which is currently filming.

In an interview with the Times of London earlier this month, Maggie Smith seemed to confirm it was the end. "They say this is the last one, and I can't see how it could go on," she said. "I mean, [my character] certainly can't keep going. To my knowledge, I must be 110 by now. We're in to the late 1920s."

Will Lily James return to Downton Abbey after Cinderella?

The age-defying magic of the Dowager Countess aside, the actors' contracts are also up after Season 6 and many are ready to move on. "You can keep the show going without Matthew and Sybill, but you can't continue it without the entire Crawley family," a source told the website.

I'd argue that Downton hasn't been the same since that traitor Dan Stevens left the show, but to each their own, I guess.

Will you miss Downton Abbey? And where do you stand on Matthew?

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