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Watch the Beautiful Belgian Coffee Commercial That Has Twitter in Tears

Warning: Have tissues nearby

Megan Vick

If you're looking for a good weekend cry, look no further. A commercial from the Belgian coffee company Douwe Egberts has gone viral for its touching, inclusive message.

The clip begins with a young woman making out with her partner, whose face is obscured by a hood, on her couch until her father comes home. The couple scurries upstairs to hide, until the father texts three coffee cup emojis, prompting his daughter to return downstairs. She does, with her partner's hand in hers -- except now the second teen has taken off her hood to reveal she's also a young woman. The three sit down to have coffee together and the daughter is able to open up about her new relationship to her father. The Dutch tagline at the end of the commercial translates to, "Something to share."

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"Coffee is at the heart of life. It is with us at the big moments and the small," reads the motto on Douwe Egberts' website reads. "Jacobs Douwe Egberts celebrates life beyond the beverage, putting the coffee cup at the centre of the conversation, wherever in the world it takes place."

The heartfelt and inclusive commercial -- especially in wake of the Zola Hallmark commercial controversy -- has Twitter very in their feelings this weekend, as they applaud the commercial for its pro-LGBTQ stance.

Editor's Note: The story has been changed to reflect that it was a Belgian coffee commercial, not Dutch.