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What's your favorite part about watching the Emmys? The dresses? The acceptance speeches? The musical numbers? Well, Sunday night we'll cover them all. And if your favorite part is following all the hilarious commentary that unfolds online during the event, we're adding something new to our coverage that you're going to love.

Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel: I understand it's not an extension of my show

TVGuide.com has partnered with Witstream.com to create "Watch with WitStream," a real-time ticker that compiles the reactions of a curated group of comedians, comedy writers (who pen for the likes of The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live) and other funny folks. TVGuide.com users loved the WitStreams we did during the Olympics and MTV's VMA Awards, and the Emmys — particularly as hosted by Jimmy Kimmel — will be just as fun.

So instead of searching through your Twitter feed all night for the best Emmys jokes, just come right back here Sunday around 7 p.m./ET to see the funniest Twitter users do their thing in a handy widget by Witstream.com.