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Albeit a few days early for Halloween, Donald Trump axed not one, not two or even three, but four candidates on the Oct. 27 installment of The Apprentice, as the reshuffled Excel team suffered the most mortifying loss in show history, effectively losing money for the episode's sporting-goods sponsor. squeezed its way onto the Donald's day planner the following morning to follow up on the bloodbath. You must still be dead-serious about maintaining the integrity of The Apprentice — even in Season 4 — if you're firing four at a time.
Donald Trump: I really am. It was a very good episode last night and they continue to do well. We got very good ratings, as you probably saw. Actually the last part of the show was through the roof in terms of ratings. People love the boardroom, they love the boardroom. Well, the promo touted a "boardroom first," and we do like boardroom firsts.
And just wait.... We have [a] Star Wars [task] coming up that is going to be phenomenal. The show is really doing well. Much has been made of how you "handpicked" this season's candidates. Were you satisfied with how it actually played out?
Trump: Yeah, I really was. Last season, even though we got very good ratings, I wasn’t really happy with the casting. I wasn't involved in [it] because I'm building buildings all over the place and I just couldn’t get to Los Angeles, where everybody came together. This year I picked the candidates and I really love them. Is a fifth season definitely a go?
Season 5 has already been picked up and I would imagine, based on how well we've done, they will ask me to do a Season 6 — and I'll have to make a decision on that. We've seen Season 1 winner Bill Rancic sub for George on occasion. Will we ever see Season 2 and 3 champs Kelly Perdew and Kendra Todd acting as your "eyes and ears" on a task?
Trump: I'll tell you, Kelly works for me now and he's doing a fantastic job. And it's funny, Bill loves to [sub]; Kelly really likes to do what he's doing, rather than be on television. He's a really hardworking guy. So is Bill, but Bill is more promotional than Kelly; Kelly is a guy who loves business. We may very well have Kendra and Kelly on this season. You'll see. What can you say about the Nov. 10 Star Wars task?
Trump: [The teams are] coming up with a promotion for the Revenge of the Sith DVD release. You really should play up what's going to happen, because Star Wars has never done this before; it's like sacred territory. We'll have Darth Vader and every one of their characters on that week. Tell your people that you should put Darth Vader and Trump on the cover of TV Guide. Fortunately, Revenge of the Sith is a little easier to pronounce than Zathura.
Trump: That’s true. Speaking of which, I'll actually be talking to Jennifer M. about "Zathuragate" in a few minutes.
Trump: I like your job better than mine if you're going to interview her! Have a good time.

Will Trump's quadruple K.O. result in a shorter-than-usual season of The Apprentice? And will there be even more multiple firings in the future? For those answers, watch for the new issue of TV Guide!