Over the weekend, FXX and Marvel pulled the plug on Donald and Stephen Glover's in-development Deadpool animated series, citing "creative differences." And it seems like those differences really pissed Donald Glover off.

On Tuesday, the Atlanta creator and star tweeted "for the record: i wasnt too busy to work on deadpool," then shared 15 pages of a Deadpool "script" he wrote that makes some pretty harsh jokes at Marvel's expense. It's clear this wasn't an actual script provided to Marvel and FXX — there's a joke in it referencing Sanaa Lathan maybe biting Beyoncé's face, which means it was written on Tuesday — but if the scripts the Glover brothers were working on were anything like this, it's understandable why Marvel had a problem with them.

In the script, Deadpool — the foul-mouthed, self-referential undead mercenary played by Ryan Reynolds in the movies based on the comic series — is hired to protect the world's last male Northern White Rhino, which in reality died last week. Deadpool then gets meta while talking to the silent, disinterested rhino.

"You know, I'm not mad about this whole 'cancelled' thing," he says. "I actually think it's a good thing. I mean, is it even a good time to have a violent, gun loving white man ranting on TV?" Deadpool makes an intentionally bad joke about Donald Trump, and then continues, "I mean, I get it. Maybe they just wanna sell toys. And this style of comedy isn't it. It's more 'ha-ha, but I'm mad.' I get that."

Deadpool then asks the rhino if the pachyderm thinks the show was canceled because of racism. "All the writers were black. And the references were pretty black too. I heard they went over the lunch budget ordering Jamaican food at least once a week."

The rhino apparently then points out out all the jokes made at Marvel's expense in other scripts for the series because Deadpool says, "All I said was Marvel trying to sell toys to seven year old boys and fifty year old pedophiles. That's just funny. They're cool. They get it." Here would be a good time to point out that Glover is expected to return as Aaron Davis in the next Spider-Man movie next year.

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"It just feels like everyone wants something different, but no one wants to do anything different to get it," Deadpool concludes. "Doesn't Marvel have enough feel-good minority shows everyone supports but doesn't watch? I mean, I think our show woulda been funny. I just wanted a place to be honest. And I guess that place is Freeform."

That Freeform line is probably a reference to Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, an upcoming Freeform drama about an interracial superhero team.

Glover has a history of proudly biting the hand that feeds. In a New Yorker profile published in February, Glover said he "Trojan-horsed" his brilliantly weird series Atlanta onto FX, to which FX CEO John Landgraf somewhat shadily answered, "I don't have a problem with the Trojan-horse narrative if it's important to Donald." But FX's brand is much more open to experimentation than Marvel's, and presumably it was Marvel, not FX, that objected to Glover's take on Deadpool.

The full script can be read here.

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