Don Imus by Al Pereira/ Don Imus by Al Pereira/

Kia Vaughn, a member of the Rutgers women's basketball team that Don Imus dissed with a sexist and racial slur this past April, on Tuesday sued the former CBS Radio personality and his then-employer, alleging slander and defamation of character. Ironically, the lawsuit was filed the very day Imus and CBS settled his threatened $120-million breach-of-contract action.

Court papers claim Vaughn was humiliated and publicly mocked as a result of Imus' comments, but specify no dollar amount. "This is about Kia Vaughn's good name," her attorney tells the AP. "She would do anything to return to her life as a student and respected basketball player - a more simple life before Imus opened his mouth on April 4."

A CBS Radio rep declined to discuss the lawsuit, while Imus' attorney has yet to respond to the AP's request for comment.

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