Dog Whisperer Visits the Playboy Mansion Dog Whisperer Visits the Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner is the top dog around the Playboy Mansion, but his pup is experiencing some major bullying from the house's newest pet, Hef's girlfriend's Chihuahua Willa. Fortunately for Hef — and his King Charles spaniel Charlie — Dog Whisperer's Cesar Millan has come to the rescue.

Cesar Millan answers fan questions

In an exclusive clip from the Aug. 11 episode, Millan visits Hefner and his girlfriend Shera Bechard to help train the two dogs to get along. "Dogs in America don't wait," Millan explains. "People don't lead the dog; the dog leads the human. If you don't tell them, they're going to tell you." But will Shera be able to teach Willa to wait? Watch below.

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The upcoming ninth and final season of the Nat Geo Wild series, which premieres on July 7, features a ton of high-profile clients, including Kelsey Grammer, Jillian Michaels and NASCAR drivers Greg Biffle and Kevin Harvick. Plus: Millan travels to London for four Olympic-sized episodes. For more on the season, head here.