Does this show have room for two beeyotches? They already have Kerry Weaver, and now there's Kristen Johnston as Eve, the new nurse manager that everybody hates. I started out loving her, since I tend to flock toward the "female dogs," and then when she was mean to my Luka, I hated her. I briefly forgave her when she and Luka seemed to patch things up. But when Eve told Sam she didn't want her to work the same shift as Luka, I was back to hating her. Loved when Sam compared her to Yoda. Johnston does a great job regardless. I was never a 3rdRock fan, but she was nice to me the one time I met her.

Very freaky beginning, with the unidentified burn victim running into the hospital. But nothing was scarier than the abusive father lunging toward his ex-wife after realizing their son was probably dead. Poor Luka. It was bad enough he didn't go back to the boy sooner, but it was even worse that Eve was right. Nice work from Jessica Hecht (Ross' first wife's wife on Friends) as the woman getting the double mastectomy. Speaking of which, how about Abby seeing Dr. Dubenko getting examined in the oncology lab?  No wonder he was Crabby Spice earlier. And does Abby want Luka back? Since she got to see his new bachelor pad, you know I'm dying once again to ask if he lives on the second floor.  

Three final random items: First, could Morris be any more annoying? When he said "Oy!" to the Jewish patient, I was like "No he didn't."  Second, that was the barely recognizable Sasha Mitchell from Step by Step back as the bartender at the end. One scene. One line. I guess you gotta get work somewhere, but boy, how the mighty hath fallen. And finally, as a former Chicagoan, I love when I hear actual hometown references on the show. When Pratt wanted to send a pizza to Gallant in Iraq, I screamed "Yes!" when the absolute best pizza in Chicago was recommended: "Lou Malnati's they overnight."  Trust me they are the best and easily available via the Internet! Dave Anderson

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