The time has almost come to say goodbye to the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), and while it's exciting to prepare for the arrival of the first female Doctor, it's still hard bidding adieu to a character as awesome as Twelve.

If you weren't already emotional about it, Capaldi's answer about how hard it was to say goodbye to Doctor Who will probably finish you off for good.

"I don't think you do say goodbye because... you bring so much of yourself to it," Capaldi told TV Guide. "If I was to say goodbye to him, I'd be saying goodbye to me too, and that would be an odd situation to be in."

Doctor Who Reveals the First Footage From Peter Capaldi's Final Episode

Go ahead and cry, we'll wait.

We also couldn't resist asking Steven Moffat about the Doctor's big speech at the end of Season 10, plus what to expect from Capaldi's farewell in his final episode, the 2017 Christmas Special.

"In [the season finale] you get what he stands for, what he tries to be, the man he aspires to be," Moffat says. "In [the Christmas Special] episode, I suppose you get what that takes out of him. What it's like to try to be that. What that battle is like for him. So it's kind of personal about the Doctor. It's, 'how long do I have to keep doing this?' It's sad and it's kind of happy as well, but it's the choice to live on and why that choice can be difficult."

Basically, prepare for feels.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special airs December 25 on BBC America.