Whovians, unite!

On Thursday, the Doctor himself (Peter Capaldi) traveled through space and time to appear at the Doctor WhoComic-Con panel with his companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) and hounded by Missy, aka the Master (Michelle Gomez). Along for the ride were showrunnerSteven Moffat and producer Brian Minchin.

There were two main things on fans' minds: 1) Would Clara continue to be a companion another year? 2) Would we see or learn anything about Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams' part this season? Read on to see if these were answered:

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Season 9 trailer At the panel, the first trailer for the new season, which premieres Sept. 19, premiered and gave us all what we were waiting for: our first look at Maisie Williams' character. From the brief scene at the end of the trailer, it's clear that the Doctor knows her from his one word, "You!" Her reply is as cheeky as we would wish. "What took you so long, old man?" Make of that what you will because Moffat would not drop any further hints about her role. The rest of the trailer includes images of Daleks, the return of Missy, Clara in a spacesuit, and what looks to be the Doctor rockin' out on guitar. Take a look below:

Missy and the Doctor Their dynamic will change in Season 9 in the way that she comes back into his life, Moffat said. "But she's just as vile and psychopathic as ever, in a very lovely way." As for their liplock, Gomez said that on Capaldi's part, "There is some suction there."

Capaldi's Doctor Moffat didn't really write the Doctor differently for Capaldi, but said, "It's what the actor brings to it," including his Scottish-ness. The actor added, "It's the only show in my bones, actually, the only show I followed since I was 6 years old." Later, Capaldi said that his eyebrows were the most visually iconic thing about his version of the Doctor.

Coleman's adjustment Working with a brand-new Doctor was a "roller coaster" and was "saying goodbye to one friend," but being excited about meeting the next.

A female Doctor? Moffat says that there's no vacancy for the Doctor position, and Capaldi added that maybe he should do a drag episode. Gomez said, "I will not reveal myself as a man today."

Grand-doctor Who Capaldi was hit with a tough question: Would Twelve ever want to travel with another companion? He's devoted to Clara but, "He would want to see his granddaughter again," Capaldi said.

If the Doctor met Sherlock "They're very different. I don't think they'd get on very well," Moffat said. He's not opposed to his two shows colliding, for the record.

Well, we obviously didn't find out anything about Clara's future past this season, but the trailer was sure cool, right? Doctor Who returns Sept. 19 on BBC America.

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