Gone Too Far - DJ AM Gone Too Far - DJ AM

"There's one reason I'm doing this show: To help other people get sober," Adam Goldstein said at the top of the series premiere of Gone Too Far on MTV on Monday. He achieved his goal with Amy, the first addict he was attempting to help.

MTV to air DJ AM's reality series

DJ AM set out to use his own experiences with drug addiction to help others. Unfortunately, he lost his own battle with drugs earlier this year.

The eight-episode series follows Goldstein as he tries to help addicts get sober. AM captures their drug addiction on camera to show the addicts what they are doing to themselves and to their families. In a format similar to that of Intervention, the show progresses to an intervention and the addict going to rehab.

MTV previews DJ AM series Gone Too Far

Goldstein seemed in good spirits while trying to help Amy, who was willing to go to rehab after shooting up one last time, in an airport. Throughout her rehab process, AM made frequent journeys to her treatment facility to show his support.

In follow-up with Amy seven weeks after she completed her treatment — and after Goldstein's death — she said he shouldn't be remembered for the way he died. She said he gave her a chance to live and that she'll be forever thankful.

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