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This week's episode of Alcatraz was short on new mysteries, but it did raise a few questions. Namely, now that the prisoners and guards of Alcatraz are returning to present day, will they start aging again?

The returning '63 this week, Johnny McKee (Adam Rothenberg), poisoned 70 people, mostly because they weren't nice to him. In the present day, he works in a bar and a hotel pool to root out bullies and make them pay. To track down McKee, Rebecca (Sarah Jones) turned to his former cell neighbor, Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce), who offered up five words that could be essential in figuring out the story of the '63s. See which other new mysteries this week's Alcatraz raised:

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What is Lucy (Parminder Nagra) dreaming about?
Lucy is still in a coma after being shot by one of the '63s, despite Dr. Beauregard's best efforts to revive her using electroshock therapy. Though she's unresponsive, Beauregard (Leon Rippy) notes that her EKG indicates that she is dreaming. About what? Apparently something more interesting than consciousness. 

Why hasn't Hauser (Sam Neill) told Rebecca and Diego (Jorge Garcia) about his new prison?
Rebecca very pointedly asked Hauser the name of Jack Sylvane's new prison home so she could question him about McKee. While we know that Hauser is keeping the '63s in a duplicate Alcatraz in the woods, he has yet to tell his partners. He further proved his apparent distrust of Rebecca when he refused to let Sylvane divulge too much info about her grandfather, Tommy Madsen (David Hoflin).

Why is McKee so obsessed with the future?
McKee, a big fan of sci-fi pioneer author Jules Verne, said that the future is just around the corner. Did he know something big was coming for him and the '63s?

How does Hauser know Chinese?
While searching for McKee, the group sought out a Chinese-speaking shop owner who might have information on him. Hauser was quick to respond in the man's native tongue, which begs two questions: Where did he learn the language and why?

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What will happen to the '63s?
Jack Sylvane raised a good question: What will happen to the '63s who have already been captured? They obviously can't be allowed to live normal lives, especially since Hauser believes that if they were criminals before, then they're still criminals now. Sylvane retorts, "I've changed. I don't dream." Did the powers that be do something to make him unable to dream? If so, why can Lucy still dream? 

Will the '63s ever age?
Fifty years have gone by in the blink of an eye for the '63s, which explains why they haven't aged a day since their disappearance back in 1963. Now that they've returned to present day, will they begin to age? Lucy and Beauregard have been working with Hauser for an as-yet-undetermined amount of time, yet they don't look much different from the flashbacks. And a question many have raised in this regard: Why does Hauser not look older? If he was even 21 in 1963, he'd be 70 years old now (and credit goes to Sam Neill because he's only 64 and doesn't look a day over 50), so is he also aging slowly by proxy of being on the island shortly after the '63s' disappearance?

Fun fan theory: "Lucy probably wasn't listed as part of the prison staff because of her work. At E.B's birthday party, she said she was doing something with memories, as a matter or rehabilitation. Since the '63s appear to have some memory issues, I'd guess that someone has corrupted Lucy's work to achieve some endgame. That is why they only have selected memories. Either Lucy was part of this plan, or she found out about it and they made her a part of it." —bobby-j

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