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10 Facts About Your Favorite Disney Channel Original Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

Let us drop some hot Twitches knowledge

Sadie Gennis

For those of us who were raised on Disney Channel Original Movies, aka DCOMs, we probably feel like we know everything this is to know about the iconic films. However, even the most dedicated DCOM fans probably didn't know a few of these facts.

For example, did you know that Hilary Duff was made an "honorary Cadet Sergeant" after filming Cadet Kelly? We doubt her sick ribbon dancing would be of much use in an actual cadet academy, but we like to imagine she taught the military a few moves back in the day.

And we all know that DCOMs launched Zac Efron's career, but did you know that Shameless star Emmy Rossum also starred in a Disney movie? The actress played Clare Addison, the main love interest in Genius. And if you keep your eyes peeled in The Thirteenth Year, you can spot a young Kristen Stewart popping up!

Twitches fans could probably tell you that Tia Mowry played Alex and Tamera Mowry played Camryn, but what many people don't know is that the stars were actually cast in the opposite roles! The twins decided to switch parts before production began on the movie.

Check out the full video above to learn even more mind-blowing DCOM facts!