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The cable companies' run at the monopoly board is still going strong, but now there's another sign that they may be out of the game soon. Dish, which first irked cable companies with its satellite-television service almost 20 years ago, will soon offer an Internet alternative for cable television.

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Yeah, big deal, HBO and CBS both announced online subscription packages late last year, you say. But here's what makes Dish's offering even more of a backbreaker for cable companies: live sports.

Dish's Sling TV will offer a bundle of live cable television networks, including jock giant ESPN, for viewing on tablets, smart phones, and supported televisions, re/code reports. Among the 10 other cable networks in the package include CNN, Food Network, and The Travel Channel.

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As cord-cutters flock to digital subscriptions services like Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, other find themselves tied to Comcast, Time Warner and others because of sports. The availability of ESPN apart from a binding cable contract could change all that.

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