Eric Bana has been cast as the titular creep in Bravo's upcoming crime anthology series Dirty John, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Australian actor will play "Dirty" John Meehan, a handsome con man who pulls an unsuspecting divorcée named Debra Newell into his sordid web of lies and deceit. He'll play opposite Connie Britton, who was cast as Newell last week.

The series is based on a hit L.A. Times podcast and article of the same name by reporter Chris Goffard. It's been picked up for two seasons, with the first telling the story of Newell and Meehan and the second a different as-yet-undetermined story.

Dirty John will be Bana's American TV debut. He launched his career on Australian TV in the '90s on a sketch comedy series called Full Frontal before moving on to his own self-titled sketch show. He came to Hollywood in the early '00s and starred in some acclaimed movies like Munich and some flops like Hulk. He's now moved into supporting roles in action movies, so Dirty John could be a career reinvention of Bana as a small-screen star.

A premiere date for Dirty John has not been set.