Jessie Pavelka Jessie Pavelka

In the new season of Lifetime's DietTribe, fitness trainer Jessie Pavelka has returned to not only coach five best friends to compete in a triathlon, but help them lose 35-50 pounds each in the process.

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Unlike other reality weight-loss shows, the women on the show must drop the pounds while maintaining their daily routines with their family, jobs and struggles of everyday life.

"You obviously can't lock yourself in a house where people cook you food and have a trainer there. That's not reality, that's not real life," says Pavelka.

The series also adds another element: a psychotherapist.

"It all starts with your thought process and the habits you've built up since you were a child," says Pavelka. "The psychotherapist comes in and says we're going to change the way you think, which will change your life and get you on the path of good habits."

Pumping Up and Slimming Down with Lifetime's DietTribe

Since the show follows the women in their day-to-day life, Pavelka is hoping viewers will be able to relate to the participants' struggles and learn from their experiences.

"Obesity is a big issue in the USA, and obviously we've known that for quite some time," says Pavelka. "I think [these shows] are great thing because it shows [overweight] people can do the same thing as those as the super-skinny ones ... I think it will give the viewer confidence that they can do it."

Season 2 of DietTribe premieres Oct. 2 at 9/8c on Lifetime.