Sean Combs by Tana Lee Alves/ Sean Combs by Tana Lee Alves/
Sean "Diddy" Combs doesn't just want to have a presence on TV, he wants to take it over. The next step in his master plan is to air his brand new show (he already has

Run's House and

Making the Band running on MTV) on Mondays, 9 pm/ET on VH1. It's an Apprentice-like show that will end (hopefully) with Diddy having a fabulous new personal assistant. Apparently, candidates on Craigslist weren't cutting it. I Want to Work for Diddy will start out with 13 candidates who will compete for the coveted assistant title. Combs insists that the show isn't just another Apprentice, and that it "isn't about just seeing if I could find someone to work for me. It's about people chasing their dreams." Aw, who knew Diddy could be such a softie. Would you want to Work for Diddy? - Erin Fox Related " Use Our Online Video Guide to Watch More Diddy