Question: Did you go to the TV Guide party after the Emmys? Pick up any good scoop from intoxicated partygoers?

Answer: Yes! My gig cohosting's first-ever webcast (yes, that was the "huge event" I hinted at last week) turned me into a news-gathering fool. Check later this week for my interviews with such special guests as Desperate Housewives' Mark Moses and Cody Kasch, That '70s Show's Wilmer Valderrama, Lost's Terry O'Quinn, Scrubs producer Randall Winston and Last Call's Carson Daly. Who's a little Mike Wallace-in-the-making? C'mon? Guess. Go ahead. No, not Carson Daly. Guess again. No, not Dan Manu. I'll give you one more guess. (Crickets) Oh, just forget it. The answer is me! I'm the little Mike Wallace-in-the making. Sheesh.

OK, folks, I've got to run to the airport to catch my flight (Fed Ex 2144, if you want to see me off) home to New York. Come back next week for even more Emmy dirt, as well as new details about how I plan to bribe you to attend my book signing on Sept. 30. That's right, I said bribe. There is no shame in my game. Never has been, never will be.