Question: Did you speak to Greg Berlanti regarding Brothers & Sisters?

Answer: As a matter of fact I did. For the six of you who didn't hear, Greg has replaced Marti Noxon as Brothers & Sisters' show runner and I was the first reporter he called about it. (All that good Everwood karma paid off!) He was mostly looking to quell the bad buzz that's been dogging the show these past few months. Despite the multiple cast changes and backstage tumult, he insists B&S is not on track to become the next Commander in Chief. "The rumors are greatly exaggerated," he assures me. "It is in incredible, incredible shape. It really is. And I think it's going to be really reflected hopefully in the numbers but definitely in the product." Now for the big news. Once Greg gets settled in, he fully intends to lure members of the acclaimed Everwood Acting Troupe over to his new gig. When I pleaded with him to find something for Emily VanCamp, his response nearly made me piddle. "You just made me think of an idea. We've talked about giving Patricia [Wettig's character] a child, and that would be a great dynamic. But don't get to Emily before I do!" I won't! Promise! (Quick, someone else go tell Emily the news!)