Did you notice that there is a theme of pretty people on tonight's programming? Interesting that Monday night TV in the summer has become a beacon for the attractive. Also, I can't help but think of that HBO special a few years ago about Swan... it just makes me wonder if there are stage parents who prep these girls their whole life for a pageant like this one. That aside, I was going to pick on the high pitched voices on some of these girls, but if you've ever listened to our podcast, I can't really talk. I'm at least a decade older that all these girls and I still sound like I'm 12. Four of the judges are from current or upcoming NBC programs... subtle. I did appreciate the juxtaposition of the constant Biggest Loser commercials that were interspersed between the teeny teenagers in bikinis and dresses. I actually start to feel sorry for the girls though when they have to strut around to this badly synthesized music. Gracefully gliding to that without covering your ears? That's a talent. My early favorite is Kansas. I'm often wrong about these things, but it is fun to have someone to root fore as the girl from my home state, Maine, was eliminated in the first round. Oh wait, after skipping through the performance by Aaron Carter and most of Kimberley Locke's song (Thank you TiVo!) I discover that Kansas didn't make it to the top five. Oh well. So which girl will win? I'm thinking, Ohio, she's cute, blonde, All-American and tells a good story. And... I'm actually right. Go figure.