Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell

Question: Did I see you at the Museum of Television and Radio on Friday for the Battlestar Galactica panel discussion? Curious on your thoughts on the trailer snippet for Season 3 (I'm still reeling) and desperate to know if the cast dropped into the reception upstairs.

Answer: Yes, that was me sitting in the second row trying mightily to suppress my inner geek and failing miserably. What a fraktastic night! For those who missed out, 400 lucky fans were treated to a screening of the Season 2 finale, followed by a Matt Roush-moderated Q&A session with Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, and executive producers Ron Moore and David Eick. Highlights included Bamber joking about Apollo's weight gain, saying the new season starts with him on Jenny Craig. (No worries, ladies and gays, Apollo's extra poundage was applied through the magic of prosthetics. Bamber was his usual trim, buff self.) McDonnell, who received a spontaneous mid-screening ovation for her tour-de-force scene in which Laura admits to Adama that she rigged the election, revealed herself to be Galactica's biggest, giddiest cheerleader. Walking in to thunderous applause, she exploded with enthusiasm, clapping, shrieking and fist-pumping right along with the fans. This is clearly a woman relishing her rock-star moment. Regarding the Season 3 trailer, I was shocked by how spoilery it was. Not only did it show one of the Sixes getting shot in the noggin, but we saw some guy introducing a baby to Starbuck saying, "This is your mother." Eick and Moore, meanwhile, spilled more details about the in-the-works Caprica spin-off, saying it would be a family drama set 50 years before the original Battlestar series. And yes, the cast did drop into the post-reception, but I spent most of the time hangin' with Bamber's lovably loopy wife, onetime Galactica medic Kerry Norton. She gave me a peek at her hubby's top-secret Big Apple itinerary, which included his first cover shoot for a national magazine. (Hint: the mag's title rhymes with "doubt.") I ended the evening chatting up a tipsy McDonnell, who gushed endlessly about Galactica fans and admitted she can't wait to attend Comic-Con next month. Gods love her.