Question: Why did Gilmore Girls cast the same actress for two different roles twice? First, it was Marion Ross as Great Grandma Gilmore and cousin Marilyn, and now it's Sherilyn Fenn as Anna Nardini and Sasha, the girlfriend of Jess' dad. Why not cast someone new?

Answer: Because it's Amy Sherman-Palladino's show and she'll do as she damn well pleases. "I love [Sherilyn] so much and I don't care," says AS-P. "One thing about the show is I just want the best people. I've just been looking constantly for a time to work with Sherilyn, and I'm getting very old and I could just get hit by a truck at any minute. I just simply can't put it off that long, so I'd just rather get her in and have her part of my world."