Megg Morales, <EM>America's Next Top Model</EM> Megg Morales, America's Next Top Model

Did anybody really think Megg Morales was gonna go the distance on the CW's America's Next Top Model (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET)? I mean, she's cute in a Mayim Bialik kinda way, and she's got personality to spare. But come on, the raspy-voiced Angeleno was always more Janis Joplin than Janice Dickinson. Before another wannabe CoverGirl puts her tear-proof mascara to the test, rang up the 18-year-old in hopes that her parting words would rock our (and, by extension, your) world. First things first. Will you say it for me, just once? Please?
Megg Morales: Rock 'n' roll! Thanks. You made my day. Moving on... when you were eliminated, you seemed genuinely sorry to be leaving all the girls. But seriously, Melrose?
Megg: Um, no. [Laughs] No, I will not miss her. She's kind of a different person. I don't think I understand her, and I don't think that she understands me too well. We just don't really get along. Yeah, I got that. You're kinda like oil and water.
Megg: More like water and fire. She and Monique just created drama for themselves, and that made for a very negative atmosphere for the rest of us, which was very upsetting. I won't miss Monique, either. After Monique got cut, she claimed she'd just been acting.
Megg: No way. That was actually real. Scary. So did your final challenge leave you with nightmares? "Ack! I have a beard!"?
Megg: No, not at all. The beard was very temporary. It was actually a cool experience! During the shoot, Jay Manuel kept asking, "Where's the Megg who posed so easily, so naturally, when she was naked?" Do you think you'd have done better if you'd worn a beard... and nothing else?
Megg: Yes! Maybe that would have made the bearded lady a little more feminine. I really didn't feel like even her outfit was feminine. I wish they would have made me a lion. Speaking of lions, did you at least get to leave the show with your new mane?
Megg: Yes, I did. But I had to take it out. That's a lot of hair! I was like, "Oh, man!" It was strange. Did you come away from the Top Model experience thinking, "I'm going to pursue modeling" or “Nah, not for me."
Megg: Well, I went on the show because I like modeling and wanted to do even more of it. So after the show, I'm going to keep doing it. Modeling is a part of my life, and I'm going to keep doing it until I'm old and grey. The funny thing is, in spite of your difficulties on the show, I bet in real life you're not at all camera shy.
Megg: Not at all! But when there's a lot on your mind, it's not good. You think about stuff, and it just sucks you down. That was challenging. On your way out, you said you were going to form a rock band. How's that going?
Megg: I did it. One of my best friends and I have been jamming. We sing and play guitar and piano, and we're starting a funky little rock band. We take a lot of our influence from Metallica, we get the funk from the Chili Peppers, and we play a lot of blues and folk. It's an all-around band except, you know, a lot of classic rock. Did anybody ever tell you that you look like Blossom?
Megg: What's Blossom? Out of the mouths of babes. Blossom was a TV show in the '80s. And you look kinda like Blossom.
Megg: Oh, really? I've never heard of her! I'll have to check that out! OK, last question: Why does everybody scream every time Tyra Banks walks in the door?
Megg: I think everybody's just so excited to see her. Very few people on our level get the chance to interact with her. Plus, we know something exciting is going to happen. Still, I'd think after the fifth or sixth time, it'd be more like, "Oh, yeah. Tyra's here. Hi, Tyra."
Well, obviously, she likes it.

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