If you saw Sunday's Desperate Housewives, you know Lesley Ann Warren is a major handful as Susan's mother, Sophie. As the wacky actress told TVGuide.com last week, she's got five episodes' worth of trouble to get into. Care to know what's in store for the remaining four? Just read on. Otherwise, stop now, because there's some serious spoilage ahead...

In her next episode, Sophie gets sweet on the ice-cream man when his truck comes rolling down Wisteria Lane. "Then I pick up two guys at a club and bring them home — one for me and one for Susan," Warren laughs. "Of course, I [am] drunk at the time."

Come May 1, Bob Newhart returns as Morty, Sophie's ex who owns the pancake house. Yes, he's back, even though she left him — and bit him! "There is an exciting surprise coming from Newhart's character that affects not only the life of my character," Warren says, "but the life of every character on Wisteria Lane — especially Susan and my granddaughter."

By the way, Warren insists we shouldn't believe those rumors of DH's behind-the-scenes bickering, despite that scathing Vanity Fair exposé.

"People say all these things," she sighs. "I can tell you there is no weirdness, nothing at all. There's absolutely no truth to the rumors [that the women don't get along]. It is so loving. Marcia [Cross] is hugging Eva [Longoria], Felicity [Huffman] is hugging me, Teri [Hatcher] is hugging Nicollette [Sheridan].

"Believe me, these women are out of their minds with happiness and gratitude. They are clear that this is an amazing gift."