Desperate Housewives

I remember thoroughly enjoying this one the first time it aired. My favorite parts to see again:

  • After Gabrielle kissed Tom just to be funny, I loved how the camera slowly panned to the right to show the various reactions of the housewives, ending with the look of disgust from Lynette (a very Bea Arthur kind of look).
  • Speaking of a look of disgust, how about Bree's face when she gazed out her window and discovered her son Andrew making out with his boyfriend?
  • The expression on Betty Applewhite's face when she and Matthew found Michael Ironside's Monroe character dead and trapped inside her collapsed basement stairs.
  • "Rhinestone Cowboy" by Glen Campbell was playing in Monroe's car when Edie asked him why he was parked in front of the Applewhite's house. Brilliant.
  • Lynette getting back at Gabrielle by passionately kissing Carlos.
  • Carlos coming to Lynette's house to tell her Gabrielle told him to have an affair to get it out of his system: "That was one helluva kiss you gave me! You can't fake chemistry like that." Felicity Huffman's reaction was priceless.
  • Karl calling Andrew a "nasty little turd."
  • The final scene of Paul punching Mike, causing Susan to crash into the car, which caused the trunk to open, revealing the dead body, and, of course, all of the neighbors being outside to view the excitement. And then Betty to Matthew (after all the housewives were staring at them): "Now I'm nervous."