Beau Mirchoff, <i>Desperate Housewives</i> Beau Mirchoff, Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives troubled teen Danny Bolen (the polite Canadian actor Beau Mirchoff) has seen better days. At the end of the Nov. 29 episode, Danny was hospitalized after taking a fistful of pills. He's OK, but he's insisting that the nurse call him Tyler, which is presumably his given name, from before his family went on the run. spoke to Mirchoff about how Danny is involved in Sunday's plane-crash story line, who he'll befriend and/or romance and how long the Bolens will be sticking around. How did things go so wrong for Danny?
Mirchoff: He's been on the run his whole life, he's never really had a solid friendship or long-lasting relationship. Then he gets rejected again. This is his rock bottom; everything is spiraling down for him.

Watch full episodes of Desperate Housewives in our Online Video Guide Why isn't Danny buddies with the Scavo twins?
Mirchoff: I have no idea. I heard that there's going to be more interaction among the children, which I think they should Why does Danny hate his dad so much? It seems like there must be more to it than just his affair with Julie.
Mirchoff: Yeah, there's a little more to it, for sure. There's an episode coming up that puts a lot of information out there for the audience about our family.

Catch up with our Desperate Housewives episode recaps If Danny were to date a Desperate Housewife, who would it be?
Mirchoff: I think Danny would be most attracted to Gaby. Will Danny be involved in this big plane crash on Wisteria Lane?
Mirchoff: No, because he won't be on the Lane. [Editor's note: He's still in the hospital.] There will be another story line going on besides the Wisteria Lane incident.

See photos of all the Desperate Housewives How long will Danny be sticking around?
Mirchoff: He'll be in 10 of the first 13 episodes. We haven't signed for the next block of episodes after 13, but I'll be in the next run for sure. What else is coming up for Danny?
Mirchoff: There's talk of a love triangle. I just hope he breaks out of his doom and gloom.