Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives' seventh season ended with both a wink to the past and an unsettling nod to the show's future.

After Carlos came to Gaby's rescue by murdering the back-from-the-dead stepfather who'd raped her as a child, the housewives conspired to hide the body in a trunk. Executive producer Bob Daily tells me the Wisteria women will bond over this shared secret as they did in the first season when their beloved neighbor Mary Alice committed suicide.

"From season one, this show has always been about secrets," says Daily. "The question now will be what will they do with this body?" (Not to mention will Carlos eventually have to pay the price for his brutal crime?)

"It will take a toll on them next season," assures Daily, reminding that Bree is now dating an inquisitive cop. "That will prove an interesting wrinkle."

And what of Tom and Lynette, the one stable couple on the Lane who now seem destined for splitsville? "Tom and Lynette will not be divorcing," Daily promises. "But when we come back next year, they will be going through a separation. Tom will be living elsewhere for a while. And I do think one or both at some point will dip their toes into the world of mid-life dating. But we will also look for them to find ways to fall in love again."

Complicating matters: predatory Renee, who never quite got over her attraction for Tom, and perhaps a new woman at Tom's workplace who will threaten Lynette. Season eight's already sounding juicy!

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