Alma seein' you, on <EM>Desperate Housewives</EM>. Alma seein' you, on Desperate Housewives.

We thought she was dead, but in the Nov. 26 episode of ABC's Desperate Housewives, we were shocked to discover that Alma Hodge (Valerie Mahaffey) was alive and well. And in this week's new episode (airing Sunday at 9 pm/ET), she's coming to Wisteria Lane to — what else? — wreak havoc.

"Alma's reappearance has a huge effect on everyone," says series creator Marc Cherry. Especially Bree (Marcia Cross), who faints at the mere sight of her. But in typical Bree fashion, she quickly recovers and throws — what else? — a dinner party, so the neighbors can see for themselves that her hubby, Orson (Kyle MacLachlan), did not kill Alma.

Though Alma's arrival clears Orson of that particular crime, it sets into motion another mystery: Did Orson murder Monique, the beautiful redhead who was lying on that slab in the morgue? "At the dinner party, there's a huge feud between Bree and Susan," says Cherry. "Bree wants an apology from Susan, who keeps insisting that Orson, and not Mike Delfino, is responsible for Monique's death. The fight ends their friendship."

Well, for this week at least.

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