They're always in the shadow of their female costars, but the men of Desperate Housewives may finally be taking center stage. Executive producer Marc Cherry is considering a male narrator for a very special episode that would focus mostly on the men of Wisteria Lane. "The whole show would be told from a male point of view," Cherry tells TV Guide.

The narrator will be DH's favorite dead husband, Rex Van De Kamp. "I was sitting in a makeup chair on the set of my new show, [ABC's mid-season series] Traveler, and my cell phone rang," says Steven Culp, who played Rex. "It was Marc. He told me he wanted me to be the narrator. I said fabulous. They could change their minds, but I hope not." Should Culp need any pointers, regular narrator Brenda Strong is available. "I'm waiting for the phone call from Steven saying, 'Oh, my god, is that what you do? It's a lot harder than I thought,'" Strong told the other day. "I, for one, am going to be really curious to see it."

By Mary Murphy, with additional reporting by Matt Mitovich