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What will the final chapter of Desperate Housewives look like? Don't bother asking series creator Marc Cherry. "I'm so not revealing what the end is going to be," the creator and executive producer told reporters Tuesday at ABC's winter TV previews. "I have it in my head and I'm hyper-protective of it."

The Housewives boss is confident he's ending the series at the right time, acknowledging that in recent years it became more difficult for writers to find new creative territory to mine. But he also divulged that he's had the series' last act mapped out for more than seven years, and he did confirm that he will "pull a Hitchcock" and make a cameo in the last episode. The revelation was met with applause and loud "yays" from the cast. "The hair and makeup people will go through hell that day," Cherry joked.

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On a more serious note, Cherry and Daily said the final episodes will continue to pay homage to the show's first season. Cherry revealed it was ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee who suggested that the series resurrect the "I Know What You Did" note from Season 1. "We handed in the first episode and Paul Lee called and said, 'I think you need something that's a little bit more of an echo,'" Cherry recalled. So the writers kicked off Season 8 by re-watching the pilot. "We're really trying to view this season as a bookend to that iconic first season and first episode," executive producer Bob Daily said.

At the same time, producers have no intention of resolving every lingering storyline, i.e. fans hoping to finally find out what state Fairview is located in will be out of luck. "We don't necessarily want to tie up every loose end in the finale," Daily said, hinting that the writers hope to imply that life will go on in Fairview after the cameras stop rolling.

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"People keep asking me if [the ending] is bittersweet. I say, 'No, it's sweet,'" Cherry said. "We're just thankful for the ride that we have because not many people get to experience what we collectively got to experience."

Cherry may have been tight-lipped about the surprises in store, but he did shoot down the possibility of a TV reunion or movie. "After eight years, boy, I think we're done. And I'm happy about it. It's not a bad thing. I feel very satisfied with where we are," Cherry said, taking a dig at the critical flop that was Sex and the City 2. "I'm just never sending these gals to Dubai, that's all I'm saying."

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