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[WARNING: This story contains spoilers from Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives. Read at your own risk!]

"Our nightmare is finally over."

Unfortunately Susan Delfino (Teri Hatcher)'s words could not have been more wrong.

After months of speculation about who would show up on death's door on Wisteria Lane, it was finally revealed on Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives that Mike (James Denton) would not make it to the May series finale.

The episode teased several possible victims: Mike, Bree, Juanita, Jane and Karen.  After his violent confrontation last week — his second with the local loan shark causing problems for Renee and Ben — it made sense that he would have to pay the consequences, but surprised many who thought that a sickly Karen would convince Bree to kill her, or that Lynette would be ruthless enough to let her husband's new girlfriend choke to death in the kitchen. (It's Wisteria Lane, we've seen worse).

And after eight seasons of grocery store shoot-outs, plane crashes and riots — not to mention the particularly gruesome end of Edie Britt — it was only right that what was teased as a  "major death" would not be at the hands of something as innocent as euthanasia or a fall, but something with a much bigger bang.

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Mike's murder served as a fitting, albeit depressing, bookend back to Season 1, when his move onto the lane was one of the major catalysts that kicked off the series, as referenced in Mike's final montage of loving moments with his girlfriend-turned-wife-turned-ex-turned-wife again, Susan. In recent years, it seems the writers haven't always known what to do with Mike. But the couple's final scene together on the porch was a touching last note for all the fans that once tuned in every Sunday to see whether the lovebirds would finally get together. "You don't get scared," Susan said to Mike, who was taking his last breaths, about why she was initially attracted to him. "You always take care of people."

And now the biggest question is: who will take care of Susan? All of the other ladies already have plenty of drama to deal with going into the series' final five episodes: Bree and the newly turned in evidence about Alejandro's death, Lynette and Tom's plans to file for divorce, Gaby and Carlos' argument over what direction to take their lives and even Renee and Ben's money issues. Up until now, Susan had the most boring storyline and looked like she was going to enter the homestretch in the clear. But now her future is the darkest and most unclear of all the housewives. As Mary Alice said at the end of the episode, "the gift is gone."

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