Desperate Housewives
Of course ABC chose to show a repeat tonight the cast was up for best ensemble in a comedy series at the SAG Awards, airing at the same time. So glad they won for the second year in a row, and I was quite happy about Felicity Huffman continuing her winning streak: first an Emmy, then a Golden Globe (for

Transamerica) and now a SAG award. She's this year's Jamie Foxx (at least Felicity doesn't sing the same Ray Charles song at every single awards show). Hopefully, she'll be announced as an Oscar nominee this Tuesday morning. Tonight's repeat reminded me of what a "whack job" (the term that Layla woman used) George was. He's a character I simply do not miss. I do, however, enjoy Lesley Ann Warren and Bob Newhart, so I hope they bring them back. And it made sense for us to see Gabrielle release that red balloon and tell the ex-con what her baby's name would've been, now that we know she actually does want to have a baby with Carlos. My favorite scene to see again tonight was Bree clipping coupons and suddenly seeing her photo in the town newspaper under the "upcoming marriages" section and freaking out. OK, I lied: That was my second fave. My actual favorite scene was Betty gesturing to Caleb to "shoosh" as he was driven away. We've got to wait a few weeks for the next new one Super Bowl next week, don'tcha know.