Desperate Housewives
Best plot tonight was the Tom and Lynette story where she wanted him to get a vasectomy after he told her he'd want to possibly have a new family if she died unexpectedly. I was so glad he decided against it. The whole episode was just another opportunity for Doug Savant to shine. That part at the end when he admitted to being unhappy  wow. Chills. Worst plot was the whole Gabrielle-having-posed-for-nude-photos-when-she-was-younger story. Like any husband would remain calm and not care whether the photos were destroyed. Like any wife would disrobe in front of the gardeners. Like any photographer would give back the photos and negatives without asking for money. But worst of all, Carlos pushing the photographer through the glass door after he said Gabi wasn't "Internet pretty"? Yeah, right. At least the other story lines kicked butt. I loved that it was Betty who drove Bree home after her DUI and jail time. How great for Bree to be the one to tell Betty that all the neighbors were talking about her. Best lines were

Nicollette's and Felicity's. Edie: "I don't trust friendly women." Lynette: "That's OK. They don't trust you either." And I'm glad Susan has a new love interest after the date from hell with Greg Germann from Ally McBeal. If Dr. Ron looks familiar to you, he was one of the stars of the lackluster NBC version of Coupling, Jay Harrington. However, I will always remember Jay because he came up to me at a karaoke bar after I did my rendition of John Denver's "Annie's Song" and said "Excellent job on your song!" Scout's honor. Interesting ending with Martha Huber's sister, Felicia, being the new nurse for that dude from Shawshank Redemption. I was wondering where she's been hiding.