Desperate Housewives Another episode in which I most enjoyed the Bree story line. Oh my, that Andrew is turning into a real monster. Bree getting drunk at a department store, passing out in the dressing room and getting locked inside the store cracked me up. ABC apparently likes to hire former Oz actors, and I have no problem with that. This time it was Lee Tergesen

as Bree's new AA friend. Lee was awesome as Tobias Beecher on Oz and he fits right in here. It was great that Bree put all of her wine bottles into a huge box for Goodwill, but does Goodwill even accept liquor? Either way, good step in the right direction. How funny that Karl set it up so Dr. Ron would finally get to meet the infamous Mike, and it was nice to see Mike apologize to Susan at the end you know he still loves her. What a brilliant way for Lynette to get her new coworker to stop breast-feeding her 5-year-old son by giving him a delicious carton of chocolate milk. If that woman looked familiar to you, that was Kristin Bauer, perhaps best known as the woman Jerry referred to as "Man Hands" on Seinfeld. Then there's Carlos and Gabrielle's pathetic attempts at buying themselves a new baby via a surrogate mother that had to be attractive. First of all, how unfortunate for an actress to have to put that on her resume: "Ugly Surrogate Mother Candidate." But once they chose Libby the pole dancer, you knew there'd be trouble when Libby stared at Gabrielle's expensive watch. Imagine that Carlos and Gabrielle having bad luck.