Playing the scorned spouse isn't always easy on a guy, especially if he comes from a machismo Latino background. Both a Texan and Mexican-American, just like his TV-wife Eva Longoria, Desperate Housewives' Ricardo Antonio Chavira gets plenty of teasing for all the sleeping around Gabrielle does behind Carlos' back. Being a jailbird under house arrest &#224 la Martha Stewart doesn't help his image much, either. So far, Chavira's gotten mixed reactions from the Hispanic community.

"It's funny," the amiable 33-year-old says. "Latin women are like, 'Shame on Gabrielle for doing what she's doing. She doesn't know what she's missing!'" Since Carlos spends a good amount of time wearing just a towel, we have some idea...

"The men are all, 'Hey, you know your wife's sleeping with your gardener?' And I'm like, 'No s--t, guys.' Or they're like, 'Hey, when are you gonna catch the gardener?' And then, I like to say, 'Hey, when are you going to catch yours?'

"A lot of them actually want me to beat the crap out of John [the boy toy played by Jesse Metcalfe]," the actor laughs. "He's 17, people!" Correction, Mr. Chavira, he's now 18, so all bets are off.

Of course, his Desperate househusband gig is a breeze compared to the reaction he got for his big gay shocker on Six Feet Under. Just to refresh your memory, he played a very macho (and very married) construction worker who was caught by his brother-in-law (Freddy Rodriguez) in the midst of a tryst with another guy.

"You should have seen the reaction of the Latino community in my hometown of San Antonio to that one!" he recalls. "Especially the men — they were not happy."

But their negative reactions didn't faze him, Chavira says. "My thing is, just as long as it's not gratuitous, if it fits into the scheme of the story line, I'm fine."

Actually, the requirements of doing stud service on TV — i.e., doffing his clothes and simulating sexual scenarios — are pretty new for him. "It's definitely been awkward," he chuckles nervously, "but I'm getting better at it. Maybe."

Just keep practicing, dude. We'll let you know when you've got it right.

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