As Designated Survivor heads into its "shattering" midseason finale episode this evening, ABC has revealed when the series will pick back up for the second half of its second season.

The show will return on Wednesday, Feb. 28, per Deadline, which means fans will have to spend about two and a half months mulling over what goes down in the fall finale, as the episode is expected to introduce a shocking development between Damian (Ben Lawson) and Hannah (Maggie Q).

As showrunner Kurt Eisner told, "There will be a terrific confrontation between Damian and Maggie, and really that's a long time in the making ... This will lead to a pretty shattering confrontation between the two of them, an unexpected one I would say as well. I don't think the audience will be able to predict the tenor of that confrontation."

The fall finale of Designated Survivor airs Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 10/9c on ABC.