The debate over the appropriateness of monuments honoring Confederate figures has made the leap from the real world to primetime television, and as usual, Designated Survivor's President Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) has an answer.

In this week's episode (airing Wednesday night at 10/9c on ABC), Kirkman must find a way to make two sides happy when it comes to the proposed removal of a Confederate statue. That's no easy task considering the volatile history it represents, which has seeped into our social climate today.

But this is master diplomat Kirkman we're talking about here, and he's appeased one of the great Civil Rights leaders of the time (well, in the show that is) in Reverend Dale, so he must have done something right. What was the compromise? Apparently the solution was as simple as moving the statue to a lesser trafficked area!

Elsewhere in the episode, a dangerous viral outbreak threatens the lives of many Americans, Hannah (Maggie Q) and Damian (Ben Lawson) discover a secret that could change the Kirkmans forever and a frog causes problems in the White House.

Designated Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on ABC.