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It's week three of HGTV's super-addictive Design Star, and tonight, the contestants are trying to keep with with guest judge Kris Jenner. So we tossed a few questions her way to see how the wannabes handled their assignment and if any of their designs could cut it in the Kardashian empire. 

TV Guide Magazine: The designers are tasked with redoing your office tonight, so what would you say was their biggest challenge?
Kris Jenner: The biggest challenge was designing my office in its entirety because I'm so picky! [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Which designer was the biggest surprise?
Jenner: Britany and Mikel, who did my conference room, and Rachel and Stanley, who did my office, were the biggest surprises of the reveal.

TV Guide Magazine: And who was your biggest letdown?
Jenner: I didn't love the product room that was designed by Bex and Luca.

TV Guide Magazine: Now that it's over, which designer would you let work on a more personal part of your home, like bedroom or family room?
Jenner: All the designers are so talented, but our personalities have to click or else it wouldn't work.

TV Guide Magazine: Be honest, was there a moment where you thought, "who the hell would want that design?"
Jenner: [There] is a silver wall built-in with flowers that made me think that! It's in the Product Room and it looked like a flower shop. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Having seen your home on TV, we gotta ask, did you do it yourself or was there help?
Jenner: Jeff Andrews, who I met through Ryan Seacrest, helped me stylize my home.

TV Guide Magazine: And what would you say your design taste is?
Jenner: My design taste exudes "Hollywood Glam"!

Design Star airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on HGTV.

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