A billion people will be tuning into the 73rd annual Academy Awards Sunday night on ABC — but one of them won't be Johnny Depp. In fact, the Hollywood outsider — who plays a sexy drifter in best picture contender Chocolat — admits he doesn't even know who's nominated this year.

"When I say I don't know who got nominated, I really don't," insists the actor, whose latest film, Blow, opens April 6. Truth be told, Depp does in fact recall that his Chocolat co-stars, Juliette Binoche and Judi Dench, received nods. "And I know that Javier [Bardem] did for Before Night Falls and Benicio [Del Toro] did [for Traffic], and that's about it. I don't like the whole competitive nature of awards."

If Depp sounds a little out of the loop on all things Hollywood, well, that's because he is. For more than two years, he has been living in the South of France with actress Vanessa Paradis and their daughter. "I don't know who anybody is," admits the former star of TV's 21 Jump Street. "I don't know who's popular, who's unpopular, who's winning awards, who's not winning awards. I don't know any of it and I'm really, really happy.

"I love the States and I love this country and what it could be and what it has been in the past," Depp adds. "But you can't live here in the States [and be] sane; it's such an ambitious, gluttonous kind of society."

It's also an invasive one — especially for celebrities. Luckily, Depp has been able to escape the media glare in his new home country. "France has really given me the opportunity to have a fairly normal life," he explains. "I can go to the tiny village not far from my house and have a cup of coffee and sit there with my girl and smoke a cigarette."

And as for Oscar night, where will Depp be? Cracks the actor: "Far, far away."