Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman

Who knew Dennis Rodman was such a softie?

After being inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame on Friday, the man formerly known for his outlandish style and multiple tattoos gave an emotional speech. "I could have been dead; I could have been a drug dealer; I could have been homeless — I was homeless," the five-time NBA champion said. "A lot of you guys here in the Hall of Fame know what I'm talking about, living in the projects and trying to get out of the projects. I did that, but it took a lot of hard work and lot of bumps along the road."

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Rodman, who was walked to the stage by his two children, donned a sparkly scarf and a jacket emblazoned with his two teams, the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls.

"I didn't play the game for the money; I didn't play the game to be famous. What you see here is more just the illusion that I love to just be an individual that is very colorful," he said. Choking up, Rodman finished by saying, "I was really burning both ends of the candle for a long time ... I'd like to set the record straight just for the time being that, and maybe in the future, I can try to be somewhat of a good individual and a good father to my kids."

His Bulls coach Phil Jackson and teammate Scotty Pippin were among those in the audience.

Dennis Rodman 2011 Hall Of Fame Speech (VIDEO) by 3030fm