Dennis Hopper by Michael Buckner/ Dennis Hopper by Michael Buckner/

Hollywood denizen Dennis Hopper has joined the cast of Crash, Starz's upcoming series based on the Oscar-winning film. Hopper will play Ben, a music producer who's been around the block a few times and is waiting for his Next Big Thing.

The actor joins an ensemble cast that already includes Clare Carey ( Jericho), Ross McCall ( CSI: NY) and Jocko Sims ( CSI), among others.

While there are no direct character overlaps with the film, the 13-eppy drama - the first original series for the network - will explore the same theme of "social tolerance" in modern America, and examine the notion of the American dream through each character's journey. Will the addition of Dennis make the show an easier ride for you? Or does the small-screen adaptation sound like it'll crash on arrival? - Anna Dimond

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