Deion and Pilar Sanders, <EM>Deion & PIlar: Prime Time Love</EM> Deion and Pilar Sanders, Deion & PIlar: Prime Time Love

He played in the 1992 World Series, won two Super Bowl rings and Deion Sanders is still in the limelight as the star and executive producer of his own reality show, Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love (Tuesdays at 10:30 pm/ET, Oxygen). We chatted with him about his views on family life.

TV Guide: Why do a reality show?
Deion Sanders: There's a lack of shows that depict African-American families in the correct manner — we're not all dysfunctional, chaotic and ignorant. We do love Run's House and what Snoop is doing, but we just wanted to put a product [out] that stresses family values and a loving nature.

TV Guide: What kind of dad are you?
Sanders: [I’m] Bill Cosby with a little twist of George Jefferson and bringing it home with [some] James Evans from Good Times.

TV Guide: It seems you constantly remind your wife, Pilar, you're the breadwinner….
Sanders: We joke and clown about that all the time. You've got to understand, I'm an athlete and it's hard not to be competitive or have bravado when you're away from the game. In your player days, you were known for your brash and outspoken way.

TV Guide: Would you put up with that from your kids?
Sanders: I don't mind being my kids' friend, but first of all I'm going to be their father. I think often today parents want to be friends with their children, so they can be the coolest, but I don't do that. You're going to respect me, you're going to honor me.

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