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Degrassi: Next Class: Who Will Die in Season 3?

We predict the fallout of that major twist

Sadie Gennis

[Warning: Spoilers for the Degrassi: Next Class Season 2 finale ahead!]

Degrassi: Next Class' second season ended with a major "it goes there" moment: with a bus full of Degrassi students involved in a potentially fatal accident.

Maya (Olivia Scriven), Grace (Nikki Gould), Zig (Ricardo Hoyos), Tristan (Lyle Lettau), Jonah (Ehren Kassam) and Tiny (Richard Walters) had been en route to watch the Degrassi volleyball game when their school bus flipped over on the side of the road. The last information we got said no fatalities had been reported (yet), but at least one student is in critical condition.

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This has led many fans to suspect that when Degrassi returns, we'll be losing one -- or more -- of the six characters listed above. We won't know anything for sure until Netflix (or Canadian network Family Channel) releases Season 3. But until then, we've rounded up the odds on who has the best chances of surviving... and who's most likely a goner.


Grace (Odds of dying: 50:1)
It would be beyond cruel for Grace to work so hard battling her cystic fibrosis only to die in a bus crash. I refuse to believe Degrassi would do that to us, especially before Grace experiences her first real relationship.


Maya (Odds of dying: 30:1)
Maya has grown so much since she was introduced, so it would be a shame to kill her before she has a chance to fulfill her potential. But that doesn't mean she'll necessarily survive the crash unscathed. It's always possible Maya could suffer some damage to her vocal chords or become disabled in a way that might affect her dreams of musical stardom. She's been so successful lately, Maya's due for some sort of fall.


Zig (Odds of dying: 17:1)
Zig's been defined by his relationship with Maya for so long, I'm not even sure what his role would be next season if he does survive. Will he pursue his newfound dream of being a modern dancer? Will he and Esmee (Chelsea Clark) hook up? Does anyone care about either of those options? Because if not, maybe the writers decided to just cut the dead weight. Sorry, Zig!


Jonah (Odds of dying: 12:1)
Every now and then, there's a Degrassicharacter who just never quite clicks, and I think Jonah's one of them. His entire storyline this season centered around him supporting Frankie (Sara Waisglass). Will next season be all about how she deals with his death? Maybe, but maybe not. Jonah's death wouldn't be nearly as impactful as any of the other characters on this list, so it would almost be a waste to kill him off now.


Tristan (Odds of dying: 8:1)
If anyone on the bus deserves an unforgettable exit from the show, it's Tristan. He's been such a beloved Degrassi staple for years that his death would guarantee maximum impact on both viewers and the others characters -- especially Miles (Eric Osborne), who could easily relapse while grieving the loss of his boyfriend. Plus, if the old trope rings true, the fact that Tristan just lost his virginity doesn't bode well for his odds of surviving.


Tiny (Odds of dying: 5:1)
There's nothing Degrassi loves more than killing off a character when things are about to go their way. J.T. (Ryan Cooley) was murdered before he could tell Liberty (Sarah Barrable-Tishauer) he loved her. Adam (Jordan Todosey) was killed before he could make amends with Becky (Sarah Fisher). It would make sense to kill Tiny right before he could finally date Shay (Reiya Downs) and go to his prodigious science program. It's also an easy way to ensure major feels from the fans -- myself, included -- who've been waiting for Tiny and Shay to get together forever.