One of television's last-remaining virgins will lose her innocence tomorrow night when Joey (Katie Holmes) goes all the way with Pacey (Joshua Jackson) on Dawson's Creek.

"These kids have been together for nine months, they spent three months on a boat together last summer... it made a hell of a lot of sense," executive producer Greg Berlanti tells TV Guide Online of the momentous occasion. "It felt like the right thing to do."

Fans holding out hope that Joey would reunite with her first love, Dawson (James Van Der Beek), may disagree. But as Berlanti teases, don't count out Dawson just yet. "I don't think this is the final answer," he says. "Sex, as I think any adult understands, can complicate things. It's no finish line. It's a new plateau fraught with new difficulties that make for really interesting drama and tension.

"I sort of always make the case that [Dawson's Creek] is about a pair of soulmates who met too young, and that's who Joey and Dawson are," Berlanti continues. "But part of the power of our show is, how do these people still manage to find their way back to each other?"

Well, next year things get even more complicated when the gang from Capeside become high school graduates and find themselves thrust into a whole new world. "The kids will all be going off to [college] and will no longer be in Capeside," Berlanti reveals. "They will be going to different schools, but close to each other."

However, Berlanti insists that although the setting will change (possibly in real life too: The show may move production from North Carolina to Los Angeles next season), Creek will remain the same. "At its most successful, the show is and has always been about romance," he says. "So, I think you'll find a lot of those same stories finding their way into what will ostensibly be a new locale."