Mary Lynn Rajskub and Louis Lombardi, <EM>24</EM> Mary Lynn Rajskub and Louis Lombardi, 24

Chloe and Edgar are the yin and yang of Fox's 24 (Mondays at 9 pm/ET). She's a hottie who kicks butt out in the field. He's an aerobically challenged techie who never leaves his computer. But CTU's loyal systems analysts keep saving the world, which is why Mary Lynn Rajskub and Louis Lombardi think they have the coolest characters on the show. When she's not shooting 24, Rajskub hangs with Fiona Apple and makes movies (most recently, the Harrison Ford thriller Firewall). Lombardi, an alum of The Sopranos, prefers homier pursuits. "I have the new Xbox," he says. "Come to my house and I'll play you for money." Here's what TV's unlikeliest dynamic duo say about punching the clock.

TV Guide: When are Chloe and Edgar finally going to hook up?
Louis Lombardi:
Don't tell anybody, but we already are. It's hot.
Mary Lynn Rajskub: It's been written about in some underground publication.

TV Guide: Is it hard, Mary Lynn, playing someone so... bitchy?
Finally, someone agrees!
Rajskub: You know what? Chloe's misunderstood by a lot of people.
Lombardi: Sexually frustrated is more like it.
Rajskub: I just have more attitude than other characters, that's all. Though I did tell Edgar to shut up a few times.

TV Guide: Did you know Chloe and Edgar were becoming more popular while you were shooting last season?
Well, if they just keep writing more and more for you, you know you're doing all right.

TV Guide: What do you say when people ask, "What's going to happen next on 24?"
Oh, you know  "It'll get good."
Rajskub: I just make up stuff. Or I tell them Kiefer [Sutherland] got a new pair of shoes. [Ed. note: She kids not. Rajskub had us going in her previous preseason premiere Q&A with]

TV Guide: So what's going to happen next on 24?
Actually, we usually get two scripts at a time so we don't really know which one's gonna be the real one.
Lombardi: I learned my lesson. When I did The Sopranos, I went out one night. Pussy just got killed and about 10 people in the bar stopped dead when I announced it. Two friends were so mad, they thought I ruined the whole season. You don't realize it's so powerful. With this show, I don't say nothing.

TV Guide: How are you different from your characters?
I'm the opposite of Edgar. I'm not quiet, not shy, and I don't like being yelled at. I wouldn't take being yelled at or getting called an idiot by everybody in the office.
Rajskub: I'm the opposite of Chloe, too. I would never be like, "Shut up!" But I do kinda enjoy it. I can relate to being really awkward or being misunderstood.

TV Guide: Why does Jack talk to Chloe more than other people?
Because I'm awesome. I'm a know-it-all. But here's the reason: I'm secretly in love with Jack and he knows it.

TV Guide: What kind of guy is Edgar?
He's a little sad. Smart. Not too funny. Kids used to use him to do homework.

TV Guide: Would you, Louis, be friends with Chloe?
I don't think I'd be friends with Chloe. She'd probably hate me. She doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

TV Guide: Do you guys generally get along off set?
We totally get along.
Lombardi: It's not like Desperate Housewives.