NBC's revival of Will & Grace makes its way to television this fall with new stories to tell and, hopefully, greater LGBT representation. The '90s sitcom was lauded for its progressiveness in presenting gay, lesbian and bi characters but the series has yet to address transgender or gender queer people. Debra Messing, however, says she hopes that all changes come September.

"[When] we did the show, we really focused on LGB...We stopped there at B. I know I wanna continue through the alphabet," she told TV Guide while promoting the reboot during The Critics Association's summer press tour.

Addressing important issues in the pop cultural zeitgeist has been an important aspect of the series and the key to its success. With diverse sexual and gender identities most recently popping up in mainstream conversation, Messing says it makes sense for the show to tackle that as well.

"I assume we will. I think TQI and sexual identity and gender identity...that's what is being discussed right now in our culture. So it's relevant and it fits perfectly in with the world of Will & Grace," she added.

The Will & Grace Revival Is Renewed for Another Season!

The show picks up 11 years after the series finale with Grace now a successful interior designer. The kids have been retconned so she and Will (Eric McCormack) are still single and living together in their New York apartment. Plus, Jack (Sean Hayes) still lives across the hall and Karen (Megan Mullally) hasn't stopped working for her. Though times have changed, it looks like the most important aspects of the fab foursome remain the same.

Will and Grace returns Thursday, Sept. 28 at 9/8c on NBC.